“Nice designs”
for the first touch of kids

Kids Design Labo (KDL), the furniture brand
with ideas that children really love.

The image of “kids items” is usually like colorful,
and with cartoon characters.
Those can attract kids, but just for a short time.
Soon then kids are tired of them and
they quickly ask for something more and
something different. Isn’t it?

Quality materials, detailed thoughts, and
professional production.
Implementing the important basics of
adults’ furniture when making ones for kids.
That is our origin. Our original idea.

Natural materials are heavy, and somehow delicate,
while the appearance and texture of solid woods
and leather,never fail to amaze.
Such very first experience in children life is
inspiring, and it nurtures their sensitivity.
We strongly believe in this.

Providing kids with quality furniture
in adult’s standard.
It is our mission.


Foster children through
the touch of real woods

How it looks after a few years in use.
Longer your use, more sophisticated is
the look and touch.

KIDS DESIGN LABO offers furniture made from natural materials such as pure tamo wood. Perhaps the more common plastics in kids furniture us lighter, easier to carry, and easier to clean and wipe. But, natural materials are undoubtedly much more promising to hook their users. The concept of preserving items and make them long-lasting is educative to children, indeed.

How it looks after a few years in use.
Longer your use, more sophisticated is
the look and touch.


The hue of nature

KIDS DESIGN LABO believes that children themselves are colorful, the most colorful. So, the selection of colors in our furniture is always wide but natural and harmonious. The color tone is subtle, splendid for modern designs, and most importantly safe even when children give them a lovely bite. All colors we selected come with familiar names of food in our daily life.

Colors of KDL









black sesami


Unique, quality viewpoints
from architects

KIDS DESIGN LABO proudly carries items adopted by various small kids facilities such as kindergartens, nursery schools, and kids institutions because we are the school-designing professionals. We understand the importance of thinking from the viewpoint of children so our products never fails to make kids smile and contribute to kids’ health growth.


Made in
our own exclusive factories

Quality products and perfect production. KIDS DESIGN LABO’s furniture are manufactured in our overseas exclusive factories under the close supervision of our designers. Our professional team allows our customers to have beautiful encounters with furniture with a look and function perfect for every single member of the family over a long time.